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E-Learning Day

Posted on 12.05.11

The School will be conducting an E-Learning Exercise on Thursday, 19th May 2011 and Friday, 20th May 2011. The exercise is part of our continuous preparation for home-based and online learning should there be a flu pandemic and that schools need to be closed. On the day of the exercise, pupils are not required to report to school. They will instead have to do online learning tasks and assignments from home via our school Learning Management System (LMS) – – or Login at the side bar of this page.

Families with no PC or internet access at home can access internet at the National Libraries or share PCs with their friends. To ensure that the E-learning Exercise is carried out smoothly, pupils are advised to log into their account by Monday and should you encounter any problem or need to reset the password for your child/ward, please email the vendor at or call their hotline 6777 9661 between 7.30am and 6pm during weekdays.

Through this E-learning exercise, we hope our children would be more prepared should there be a need to close the school. We look forward to your support as your children embark on this learning experience

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